Emergency Appointments

Emergency Osteopathy Appointments

We can provide emergency osteopathy appointments at our Cambridge and Waterbeach clinics, as we still have space in our clinic diary to accomodate . If you are in need of such an appointment, an appointment slot can be allocated as soon as possible after making the appointment by phone or email.

If you do email us for an emergency appointment, then please provide us with a phone number to contact you and  to get you into the clinic as soon as possible.

Please be aware of our opening hours. As we are not open on weekends.

What will the treatment be like for an emergency osteopathy appointment?

Mostly likely the treatment will be very gentle and conservative in order to make the pain intensity bareable or as painless as possible during treatment. Though hopefully following treatment you should notice a marked improvement.

Will you need to come back for further appointments?

It likely that the first appointment will make the pain intensity more bareable post-treatment and where the treatment may not have completely resolved your presenting complaint. So further  appointments maybe required. Most people require 2-5 appointments to completely resolve the problem.

What will I need to bring to my appointment?

If you have a medication list, blood test results or any investigative imaging this would be very helpful for the osteopath for the case history proportion of the appointment. As the osteopath needs to decide whether treatment is safe and suitable for you.


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