Media and Telecommunication Policies

Social Media Policy

The social media platforms we currently use are  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube as we want to communicate with people who are passionate about Osteopathy. We want the experience to be a pleasant environment for users and to seek to ensure this is possible.

Terms of Use

The social media accounts are intended to either promote or inform the public about the services of Cam Osteopathy and information about Osteopathy.

General Public are welcome to contact Cam Osteopathy for information about the clinics and service provision


We use social media accounts to promote the services of Cam Osteopathy.

Re-tweets, or posts, of information, is not an endorsement of that information.

Electronic Reviews

We encourage satisfied persons to write reviews about our clinics and services on electronic platforms such as Facebook and Google. This help us to make service provision changes and improves our credibility as an Osteopathy service provider.

Terms of Use

The reviews should contain either some form of praise, feedback or construction critisms, so that our clinicians can make necessary changes to the service provision.


Some reviews may be used as testimonials on the website as part of our marketing.

Email Policy

Terms of Use

Email may be used to relevant persons for the purposes electronic newsletters, appointment reminders, enquires and invoices / sales receipts.

The use of the email accounts is intended for communications of staff members and members of public for information and service provision by Cam Osteopathy.

Inappropriate use of the email accounts could encur fine(s) to users where enforceable. This could be unsoliciated marketing emails, link exchanges and spam.

Failure to pay fines by a specificied date maybe subject to UK County Court proceedings to collect the outstanding amount.

Alternatively, the Information Commissioners Office could be notified if the email is not compliant with Data Protection Act and General Data Protections Regulations (GDPR). For businesses this could result in a fine of 2 – 4% of the their turnover or up to £10-20 Million.


Permission to contact patients by email is achieved during a consultation at Cam Osteopathy Clinics. Information maybe stored on a third party emailing marketing service provider such as Mailchimp to send out electronic newsletter to relevant persons. If you object to this, please make us aware of your objection. If you have not given us permission to use your email then you will not be included eletronic marketing.

If you have received an electronic newsletter and did not wish to receive further communication. you may unsubcribe at the bottom of the email by clicking unsubscribe and changing your email preferences. Alternatively, contact Cam Osteopathy by email to change your preferences.


Emails to the Cam Osteopathy email accounts are monitored and screened by members of staff.

Telephone / Mobile Telephones Policy

Terms of Use

Telecommunications to Cam Osteopathy must be either enquiry for osteopathy service provision or information about treatment.

Telecommunications may be used to communication with relevant persons and used for text message reminder for appointments at the Cam Osteopathy Clinics.

Automated calls to our clinics will be ignored.


Permission to contact patients by telephone / mobile telephones is achieved during a consultation at Cam Osteopathy Clinics and permission questions on the contact forms on the website. If you have not given us permission to use your telephone / mobile telephones then you will not be included electronic marketing.

We currently do not use an automated messages to inform relevant persons, though this is something we are considering in the near future.