The fees are displayed below. These fees will take effect from the beginning of August 2022. The first appointment will involve a case history and examination along with treatment.


New Patient Appointment (up to 60 minutes): £70

Follow up appointment (30-40 minutes): £55

Though we are able to be a bit more flexible with the time in this clinic.

Methods of Payment

We accept cash, card and bank transfers. If you use internet / mobile banking on either your laptop, Iphone or android smartphone, you can make a quick and easy bank transfer at the end of your appointment. This helps us avoid using our card machine that charges 1.75% on all card transactions.

We no longer accept cheque as a method payment as Cam Osteopathy Ltd does not use a high street bank for it’s business banking. Therefore we are unable to deposit cheques.

We can provide receipts on request if required.

Charges for Late Cancellation and Missed Appointments

Non-attendance wastes their the practitioners time but prevents someone else from having the missed appointment slot, who could like be real need of an appointment. This can be avoided if you provide the clinics with more than 24 hours notice regardless of any mitigating circumstances regarding non-attendance.

Failure to do so results in  full fee charge can be applied for missed appointments and appointment cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time. We are strict about this.

We don’t often apply this charge and we prefer not to apply it. However sometimes it is necessary and you will be made aware of this again on filling in the clinic paperwork on attendance to the clinics.

Please read our clinic policies for further information.