HIV Associated Musculoskeletal Pain

Cambridge HIV Musculoskeletal Pain Clinic

Our Cambridge HIV MSK pain clinics are located in Central Cambridge and Waterbeach. Our experienced osteopath can provide pain relief in a gentle, convervative and uninvasive manner.

Why Does Musculoskeletal Pain Occur in HIV Suffers?

HIV infection triggers an immune response which prediposes the suffer to variety of rheumatological conditions including arthralgia, spondyloarthropathy, rheumatoid arthriti,s septic arthritis, osteomyelitis, and pyomyositis. Myalgia (muscle pain) was the commonest symptom present and arthralgia(joint pain) involving knee, shoulder, and elbow are frequent complaints. The most distressing musculoskeletal disorders were mechanical low back pain and painful articular syndrome.

How can we Help?

Treatment involves manual therapy techniques including massage.  Where the effects of massage treatment on the musculoskeletal soft tissues include pain relief, decreased levelof depression, improved immune function, improved blood floand blood composition, reduced edema, and increased mobility of connective tissue, muscle and the nervous system.

We can also provides advice on how you continue to manage your pain or whether if it appropriate to seek referral to another healthcare practitioner.

Osteopaths have had success in managing Musculoskeletal pain associated with HIV /  Aids at the Blanchard Clinic associated with the University College of Osteopathy in London.

For a more detailed explanation read our Guide to HIV Associated Musculoskeletal Pain Treated with Massage by Osteopaths

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