How Avoid Back Pain or Pelvic Pain whilst Operating a Car?

How to get in and out of a Car with Back Pain and Pelvic Pain?

Back pain and pelvic pain are quite common to occur when operating a car, especially on long drives.

Back Pain and Pelvic pain aggravation can avoided through doing very basic steps for getting in and out of the car.

Getting Out:

Make sure you use your arms to rotate your body inside the car and place both feet firmly on the ground. Use the inside of the car frame and handles to maneuve / pull yourself out of the car door. Avoid movements that involve any sidebending or rotation or stepping out using one leg after the other.

Getting In:

After you open the open the car door, turn your back on the seat and slowly lower your backside onto the seat. Then use your arms to rotate your body into the car. Try to avoid any sidebending or rotational movements.

Manual or Automatic Car?

With manual gearbox cars, you tend to be significantly be using, the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals, so over time the muscles around your pelvis and low back can fatigue and cause delayed onset muscle soreness

Whereas in an automatic car you, you dont have a clutch pedal and also tend to make use of either or both a speed limiter or cruise control, which makes you less reliant on using the acceletor and clutch pedals on a non-urban drive.

Therefore, people that suffer from chronic back pain or pelvic pain, may need to consider changing their manual gearbox car for an automatic gearbox car.

Is my Car Seat Setup in the Correct Position?

Seat position is important, try find a seat position that doesn’t aggravate for back pain or pelvic pain. There isn’t really optimum position as the back pain and pelvic pain can aggravate in any position.

If necessary you can use a back support to reduce pain aggravation shown in the diagram below

back pain support

Information and Appointments

If your back pain / pelvic pain is not getting any better, you can come for an appointment with an Osteopath at Cam Osteopathy.

Alternatively Call on  07982 432732 or Email

We even offer a FREE 15 minute assessment to see if treatment is safe and suitable for you.

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