Ian Lewis

Who is our Cambridge Osteopath?

Our Cambridge Osteopath is Mr Ian Lewis. He holds a Bachelor of Osteopathy from Middlesex University in London. Also holds a diploma in Sports Injury and Massage from the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists.

Cambridge Osteopath Ian Lewis

What is Ian Lewis' previous Osteopathic experience?

He has previously gained experience in clinics in Oxford and Swindon (2010 to 2013) at Oxford Brookes University. Then in clinics in Borehamwood and Marylebone Central London (2013-2016) at the College of Osteopaths.

He has also worked in more established osteopathic clinics that have been in operation between 30-40 years in Peterborough and Norfolk. Which have very high volumes of patients from a variety of backgrounds and clinical presentations.

He also currently works in two other East Anglian Practices.

What does Ian Lewis enjoy doing in his free time?

He is a very approachable and engaging person.  He enjoys independent travel and sailing on occasional weekends and holds Royal Yachting Association  certificates as a Competent Crew and Day Skipper. 

Ian Lewis used be a Judo practitioner as a teenager under the British Judo Schools Association (Now British Judo) and was trained at the Leys School Judo Club in Cambridge where the highest grade he reached was Brown Belt (1st Kyu). He was Cambridgeshire county champion with gold, silver and bronze medals. He was selected for the British National Squad by Judo Olympic and World Champion Neil Adams.

Cambridge Osteopath Ian LewisCambridge Osteopath Ian LewisCambridge Osteopath Ian Lewis

Cambridge Osteopath Ian LewisCambridge Osteopath Ian LewisCambridge Osteopath Ian Lewis.

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