Back Pain or Pelvic Pain Preventation on a Motorbike

How to Avoid Back Pain or Pelvic Pain on a Motorbike

Back Pain and Pelvic Pain can be quite common on a motorbike, especially on low rides. Particularly for long rides in a sustained riding position and to some degree the vibration coming from the engine could impack your back pain as as process called proprioception  which affect muscle control is affected by vibration.

Type of Motorbikes

It is important to consider that the riding position of various types of motorbikes will affect your back pain or pelvic pain. This is dependent on the type of motorbike you ride.

Supersports Bike, the  riding position involves the rider to be leaning forwards as this allows for greater aerodynamics and banking around corners. The problem with the position, it causes you to over stretch the muscles in your low back and over the duration of the ride, you can develop muscle fatigue and pain.

Sports Touring – Sports touring bike riding position can vary based on the configuration of the motorbike

Tourer – The riding position is usually more relaxed and upright and in some cases there maybe a back support attached to your seat.

Enduro – you are usually sat upright

Back Protectors

You can even get armoured back protectors to help reduce the severity of back pain. Google them or find them on


Make sure you stop for breaks every 2 hours, maybe a short walk could a helpful to alleviate the pain associated with the muscle fatigue in the low back

You can even perform stretchs whilst sitting on the bike or off the bike.

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